Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2 of Fast has begun

Day 2 of the Fast for Our Families has begun. There are five of us fasters here on this chilly morning at St. Ann Mission in Naranja, Florida, near Homestead. We are sleeping in the courtyard outside the church, and received the generous loan of a tent from friends to keep us warm and protected from the rain and chilly wind of the cold front that passed through South Florida.

Our compas from the Trail of Dreams, four courageous young people, set off from Miami on their trek by foot to Washington, DC yesterday. We had a joint press conference in Miami to kick off both actions. Jenny Aguilar and Wilfredo Mendoza, two of the fasters, represented us. Jenny is a valient woman who is on an electronic ankle bracelet, being tracked by ICE, fighting to stay with her three US citizen minor children. Wilfredo, from Puerto Rico, is a member of the Miami Workers Center.

We had some good local press in Miami. Our spirits are lifted by visits of people who come to sit with us, some of them to pray with us. We will continue this fast with the goal of getting President Obama to use the authority he has to stop tearing families apart.

Jonathan Fried, faster

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