Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Longest Block - Napolitano in Miami

When is a block more than just a block?

Secretary Napolitano came to Miami today (Saturday). She and Vice-President Biden visited with Haitian leaders in Little Haiti, as they should, and then traveled to Homestead Air Force Base. Napolitano passed within one block of the Fast for Our Families at St Ann's Mission. One block!

From our understanding, per a call this evening, the trip was planned by the Vice-President's people, which is why the Fast wasn't on the agenda. Even so and even though the trip surrounded Haiti and much-needed relief efforts, the Fast for Our Families began almost two weeks before Haiti's devastating earthquake. Letters were sent and calls were made by all of us without any response from Secretary Napolitano.

While we recognize and appreciate that TPS has been issued for Haitians, it is only what should have been done years ago. In the wake of the devastation in Haiti, it is the moral thing to do. And while we also appreciate the aid being sent to Haiti by the US government, I'm currently sitting at the church watching a group of people prepare a sign asking for donations for medicine and water. This is a poor church and yet they care and want to help Haiti. Why should our government do anything less?

Yet our government is doing less for the families in this church, for the families in this community. That needs to change.


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