Friday, January 15, 2010

“They said I need to eat”

Day 15 – “They said I need to eat”

It was a very long day. Jonathan’s brother called at nine last night and I still didn’t have news for him.

Sebastien was released just after that. His blood sugar levels were normal again, thank goodness, but it still seems like something that should be followed. Someone brought him back to the tent at the church to pick up his things and he looked a little distressed. He huddled to the side with Jenny and Ana and then Jenny called me over to speak to him. “Yo quiero seguir apollando (I want to keep supporting).” It took me a moment and then I realized what he was saying. He wanted to know if it would be okay for him to stay in the tent with the fasters. He didn’t want to leave. He said that he would go out early in the morning for some broth and then come back but he wanted to stay with the fasters. Bless his heart. Of course, he should stay!

We left for the hospital just after that, taking Jenny and Ana with us as they insisted on seeing Jonathan and Francisco. We visited with Jonathan first who was carefully considering the orange jello that a nurse had just brought him. His breathing was somewhat labored but his spirits were good.

Agusto was delighted to see us, particularly Jenny and Ana, expressing surprise that they had left the church to check on him. He looked so young alone in the room with an iv in his arm. He was awaiting the results of an ultrasound to check on his heart.

At six this morning, Agusto was released from the hospital with instructions to follow up with a doctor in 24 hours. When we asked him what the doctor said, he quickly responded, "They said I need to eat!" Well, that's probably true, but he needs to slowly begin with broth and work his way from there. We're somewhat concerned that the doctor treated him differently than he treated Jonathan. There was much more care given to Jonathan as someone slowly coming off a 14 day fast.

Jonathan is still in the hospital and called to express concern about the other fasters and solidarity with the Haitians in our community and in Haiti. He's been watching non-stop coverage in the hospital and, as all of you know, it's heartbreaking. How is it possible that the administration is not offering TPS (Temporary Protected Status) to Haitians? How is it possible that mothers are on Day 15 of a fast pleading to stay with their American children? That a US citizen is fasting to stay with his wife? How is it possible?

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  1. My heart and blessings go out to everyone making a sacrifice for what they believe in... God bless all the families and our prayers go out....